Top 10 Steamer Terms Explained

Take the Science Out of Steaming



“My sister and I started selling our jewelry designs and we needed a portable steamer to take to our events. It is easy to carry and works great””
– Jane & Megan P.

“I use my pro steamer everyday in my dental practice. I tried a cheaper model, and it didn’t do a good job. ”
– Matt P.

“I never knew I needed a commercial steamer for my jewelry store and now I can’t imagine not having one. Less stress and incredible cleaning across the board!”
– Christina J.

Buying a steamer for your business does not need to be complicated but it is today.

To shop for a steamer and make the right decision you need to understand lots of complicated terms like PSI and ASME. Our guide breaks down all these terms so you can make the best choice of steamer for your business.