Hoffman is the #1 Brand in Jewelry Steam Cleaning

Made in America.
Extraordinary craftsmanship.
Powerful high PSI cleaning.
Safety certified.
Lasts a lifetime.
Protected by 3 year warranty.
Unlimited USA factory customer support.

Don’t loose your business insurance by purchasing the wrong steamer

46 states require pressurized steamers to carry the ASME certification

All Hoffman pressurized steamers carry the ASME and UL certifications

Safety Is The Primary Importance

Prior to the implementation by various agencies of the Boiler and Pressure Safety Code from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, pressure vessels consistently underwent failures. Many of these failures caused catastrophic damage and a significant loss of life. Since 2010, there have been 147 pressure vessel failures resulting in 93 fatalities and 167 injuries, according to the National Board of Boiler And Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

If you business is inspected and your pressurized jewelry steam cleaner does not carry the ASME certification you could be subject to fines or closures.

Don’t take the risk. Choose Hoffman steamers that carry the ASME certification.

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Hoffman Gem III Steamer
Hoffman Jell II Steamer


Our portable steamer perfect for on the go steam cleaning.

Hoffman Jel3 Steamer


Our professional steamer perfect for heavy duty steam cleaning.

Hoffman Jell II Steamer


Our professional steamer perfect for high volume steam cleaning.