Pre Payment


Why a pre-payment or gift card?
Some of our customers want or need to use multiple payment methods within a single purchase. However, there is currently no method to do this on an ecommerce website. Even big stores like Target and Amazon only allow gift cards as a secondary payment method in a single online purchase.

Our solution
We have enabled the use of gift cards to allow you to make a pre-payment on your purchase using one of your desired payment methods.


  • Enter your email address, name, and payment amount in the fields at the right. Add the gift card/pre-payment to your cart.
  • Checkout using one of your two desired payment methods.
  • After you purchase your gift card (pre-payment), you will receive an email to the email address entered on this form with a gift card code.
  • Once you have received your code, return to the website and add products to your cart.
  • At checkout, enter all your information, select your secondary payment method, and enter your gift card code in the gift card field at the bottom of the checkout screen and click "Apply."
  • This will update the remaining amount to be paid when you click the "Place Order" or Paypal button (depending on your selected payment method)

Please note: you must apply the gift card to have your pre-payment applied to your purchase.