FAQs and Get Support

Can I get local support for my Hoffman Steamer?

Yes. If you need help with service, just give us a call. We will connect you with a local authorized Hoffman service representative to help you with whatever you need.

Can I get parts for my Hoffman Steamer?

Yes. You can get parts directly from Hoffman. And best of all, if you need a part once your steamer is out of warranty, it is our goal to have the most affordable parts available to make sure repairs don’t cost you a lot.

Can I really return my steamer if I am not satisfied?

Absolutely. The steamer is our pride and joy, and we are extremely confident you will truly love it. If for any reason you don’t, we will give you your money back.

Is shipping really free?

You bet. We want you to get back to running your business. Let us and our partner deliver our hardworking steamer to your doorstep, completely worry-free.

Who is Hoffman?

Hoffman is company located in Dushore Pennsylvania and was founded in 1905. Our full line high quality steamers are made in the USA and feature different capacities and attachment options to meet your every need.

Designed for maximum steam power and rugged dependability, all our steamers are built to the highest safety standards and are U.L. and A.S.M.E. approved

Does Hoffman Steam sell other products?

Yes, Hoffman also sells a line of presses for the laundry and garment industry.  In addition, our sister company, Unity, sells commercial washer, dryers, and presses available for purchase from Unity Laundry (www.buyunitynow.com) Unity Press (www.buyunitpressnow.com) and Unity Clean (www.buyunitycleannow.com).  Just chat or give us a call and we will provide all the details including price and specifications.

What is your location?

Hoffman is located in Dushore Pennsylvania. We have customers all over the world and we will ship our products and support our customers anywhere they may be.

How do I buy from you?

We only sell direct to our customers.  Buying from us is easy.  Just visit buyhoffmansteamersnow.com and shop for your commercial steamer.  On our website you can purchase your new steamer just like you would purchase anything online. We also include a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure you are totally satisfied with your purchase.

What are your prices?

Visit www.buyhoffmansteamersnow.com to see our models and pricing.  We are one of the only manufacturers to publish our prices online.

How can we get technical support?

We have several ways to contact Hoffman. Call or text at 1-800-221-0146.  Email support@hoffman-ny.com. Chat on buyhoffmansteamersnow.com

What is your lead time for production?

Lead times for our products depends on the model.  For the latest lead times just visit buyhoffmansteamersnow.com and chat with one of our product experts.  They will be able to provide the latest and most accurate information.

What is your contact information/website?
We have several ways to contact Hoffman.  Call or text at 1-800-221-0146. Email info@hoffman-ny.com. Chat on buyhoffmansteamersnow.com
And what models do you offer?

We currently have several models.  Just start a chat and ask for what you need.